Improve your thinking with Cognitive training

Reclaim Your Potential with Neurofeedback

The importance of performing at our peak potential is clearly evident in our daily activities: when we participate in business, academics, athletics or other activities requiring high levels of functioning. If we have experienced a physical or emotional trauma, we may have become neurologically imbalanced.

Reclaiming our lost potential through neurofeedback can return us to a world of new possibilities. It won't make us smarter, faster or better than we are physically or genetically capable of being but neurofeedback has helped many people bring back their best selves.
Often when people experience the benefits of neurofeedback training they feel a sense of becoming their “old self”—reclaiming their peak potential and capabilities they have previously experienced. Successful training seems to help our brain and nervous system regain equilibrium to better balance and control itself. The results are indisputable.

In neurological functioning, a minor change can make profound differences in our daily experience. When stress, other outside factors or biologically-based mechanisms disturb our nervous system’s equilibrium, neurofeedback training can trigger our brains own ability to rebalance and may be experienced as a reversal of the effects of stress.

When used as an educational tool for neuro re-education, our central nervous system learns to redefine our reactions to stress. The extent of our neurological over and under reactions is reduced, which helps us to be more discerning and return to functioning at our best.
We, at the American Institute of Learning & Cognitive Development, use neurofeedback as one of our core instruments to help clients function better in life.

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